For the first time in Pakistan, we bring you a Grooming Platform! Wether you need assistance in Mannerism or Self Development, Stress Management or Professional Grooming, Personality Makeover or Lifestyle Advancement, J’s School of Etiquette is here to help you. Our training on individual attention are available in major cities including Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad.


Do you feel the need to Reinvent Yourself? Do you want to be able to Look, Dress, Talk and Behave in a Manner that other People would look up to you? Do you wonder sometimes why You don’t seem as Confident as other People you admire? Do you want to Develop your Life Style and give your Personality a Makeover?

At some point in time every one of us needs help to achieve just a little more in our life. We all wish there was a Finishing School we can go to and learn how to be perfect versions of ourselves! And that is where J’s School of Etiquette comes in. We are the only Finishing Classes providers offering Lifestyle Advancement & Grooming Courses across Pakistan that helps you change your entire Personality inside out. Our institution assist you with Self Development and Confidence buildup Tools to help you achieve your Dream Personality.

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Whether you want to polish your Social or Business Skills, we have Extensive Training Programs that help you mold your Personality in a manner of your choosing. From Revamping your Personality and your Outlook to assistance in building skills that help you lead a Happier Life we are all about Grooming you into the Person you have always dreamed of being. From your Personality Makeover and changing how you look to how you feel about yourself and others around you we help you to evolve in the person you have always visualized yourself as being! From helping you develop necessary Life Skills to helping you lead a satisfied Lifestyle including Stress Management JSE helps you cultivate a personality that is Cultured, Refined and Attractive.

We are available in Karachi with the presence of special classes for Islamabad and Lahore as well and our training sessions are customized for Individuals.

Personality Makeover

Personality Makeover Course

Personality Makeover consist of a holistic one to one 3 week classes that develops your entire personality. From the way you look to the way you walk and talk, we, at JSE, help you achieve the ideal balance well suited to your station and lifestyle.

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Self Development

Self Development Course

Personal Development Classes are suitable for anyone working in business, industry or the public sector. Topics include everything from Assertiveness and Self Esteem Skills to Customer Service, Negotiation Skills and Dealing with Difficult People.

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Professional Grooming

Professional Grooming Course

The Professional Grooming or Business Etiquette Finishing is a one week Program spread over four days which addresses every work place tool from managing your business wardrobe to perfecting your handshake to polishing your elevator pitch.

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Stress Management

Stress Management Course

Our Stress Management course-classes is another popular Training Program which caters to both genders and all ages. It is a one to one analysis of the Lifestyle, Social and Professional Commitments and related issues being faced by the Client.

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Lifestyle Advancement

Lifestyle Advancement Course

Our Lifestyle Advancement Course is the finishing & grooming school of Pakistan! It is a one to one guide on how to navigate life with poise, charm and intelligence. The ability to cultivate charisma and the art to live life well and to its fullest is an ability.

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The Art of Entertaining

The Art of Entertaining Course

Entertaining is an art that mixes crucial ingredients like the right mix of people with the right venue, & intelligent menu selection. From Garden Parties to Business Dinners this is the platform you come to learn the art of being the perfect Host/ess.

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