Lifestyle Advancement School Providing Course & Classes in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Across Pakistan
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Lifestyle Advancement Course & Classes

Our Lifestyle Advancement course is the finishing school of Pakistan! It is a one to one guide on how to navigate life with poise, charm and intelligence. The ability to cultivate charisma and the art to live life well and to its fullest is an ability.

This is a course that has been patterned in the lines of International Trainings in Savoir Vivre and is a holistic guide to manners and etiquette. Lifestyle Advancement Classes are given to provide Life Style Do’s and Don’ts with the ultimate aim to achieve the perfect personality.

The Course involves one to one sessions that encompass specific modules with core outcomes being:

  • Confidence
  • Personality enhancement
  • Incorporating the individuals desired lifestyle
  • Being an all rounded happier individual


"I had the good fortune to know Jahanara socially and knew about her work. However I was very shy to approach her with my problems. I needed help with the way I looked. And signed up for an entire shopping spree abroad and 3 or 4 other courses for a total of 3 months. Imagine my surprise when she took 2 weeks just to settle me with her. She told me it wasn’t the way I looked but the way I thought. She also told me it was less what I bought and more how I wore it.

It seems like magic because I am so happy now and there are no self doubts about myself. ofcourse I keep disturbing her time and again for helping me choose but she is always so sweet about it."


Raheela, Karachi

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