Master Programs

Master Program

Scheduled throughout the year is a group course that we call the Master program. This is a holistic over view of nearly all the other courses that are taught. The classes stretched over 10 days is taught over a span of 3 weeks. It encompasses everything from Personal Finishing, Professional Grooming, Lifestyle Advancement, Personality Makeover, Stress Management & Self Development to wardrobe maintenance, entertaining, tabling and selection of menu to developing a signature style.

Deliberately designed to be taught to a small group, the training starts with a hi tea designed to introduce the group to each other and establish privacy parameters and has daily lunches incorporated for not only polishing the skills that are taught but to also have an informal chat with the Principal Trainer and the Guest Speakers.


"I started working very young. Alhamdulilah I am a very successful businessman. However I always thought I needed more confidence. I spent a year coaching with Jahanara.

I am now everything that I ever wanted to be. I started with confidence classes and ended learning almost everything she had to teach. Best thing about her is that no matter how many times I made a mistake she guided me. And never judged me. I wish her all the best and best of luck!"

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