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Professional Grooming Program

So many times some very competent professional people lose out on becoming the face of their company simply because they lack the finesse in their personalities or the confidence that an engaging personality in a powerful role in the corporate sector should have. This Business Etiquette Finishing Course is a one week Program spread over four days which addresses every work place tool from managing your business wardrobe to perfecting your handshake to polishing your elevator pitch.

These Grooming Classes include teaching of Team Management, Boss Management, the correct politics of a work place and essential International Business norms. Besides, it is a noticeable fact that we sometimes forget that business is about people! From job interviews to hosting business meals, from making the first phone call to landing the deal, professional etiquette skills and the ability to build strong relationships are what make lasting impressions. At JSE, we provide companies with customized trainings for their resources from grooming their sales teams in projecting the company image to their traveling executives in global protocols.


"An extremely dynamic lady I came across her during a business trip abroad where we were attending the same conference. During the introduction I found out about her trainings and signed up after fifteen minutes of talking to her.

The two weeks I spent with her learning about business protocols changed my life. So many things which seem so small to us are so important. I didn’t know this till she didn’t point them out. My entire business manners changed after that.

I must add here that she is a little expensive but every bit of that amount was an investment in myself.


TA K, Karachi

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