Testimonials for J's School of Etiquette | Best Finishing & Grooming Courses Provider in Pakistan, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi


"Hi. I am a housewife and got to know Jahanara as a consultant working with my husband.

She helped me change my entire personality in six months. She is sweet and patient and has very good taste.

Best thing is that she helped me adjust with my issues. Issues I had faced for a long time. I found a new me. A happy me. I found a friend.

Thank you Jahanara!"

SA L Karachi

"I had the good fortune to know Jahanara socially and knew about her work. However I was very shy to approach her with my problems.

I needed help with the way I looked. And signed up for an entire shopping spree abroad and 3 or 4 other courses for a total of 3 months. Imagine my surprise when she took 2 weeks just to settle me with her. She told me it wasn’t the way I looked but the way I thought.

She also told me it was less what I bought and more how I wore it.

It seems like magic because I am so happy now and there are no self doubts about myself. ofcourse I keep disturbing her time and again for helping me choose but she is always so sweet about it."

Raheela Karachi

"An extremely dynamic lady I came across her during a business trip abroad where we were attending the same conference.

During the introduction I found out about her trainings and signed up after fifteen minutes of talking to her.

The two weeks I spent with her learning about business protocols changed my life. So many things which seem so small to us are so important. I didn’t know this till she didn’t point them out.

My entire business manners changed after that.

I must add here that she is a little expensive but every bit of that amount was an investment in myself.

TA K Karachi

"I started working very young. Alhamdulilah I am a very successful businessman. However I always thought I needed more confidence.

I spent a year coaching with Jahanara.

I am now everything that I ever wanted to be. I started with confidence classes and ended learning almost everything she had to teach. Best thing about her is that no matter how many times I made a mistake she guided me. And never judged me. I wish her all the best and best of luck!"