The Trainer

The Trainer

Jahanara Khan, the principal trainer, has been running J’s School of Etiquette (JSE) since 2015 and as a personal development trainer she has more than 2000 hours of training to her credit.

What started as a grooming and etiquette training platform has metamorphosed in an internationally recognized training platform that addresses everything from crises management to personality development to learning and excelling in crucial life skills.

As a much sought after coach she is considered to be number one in pakistan, UAE and the world beyond.

Elsewhere she is a serial entrepreneur and is the CEO of 3 companies that she manages hands on and sits on the board of directors of another two that she actively plays a role in.

Being renowned in the Pakistani professional circle as an embodiment of women empowerment, the cause of progressing in one’s life is very close to her heart.

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